That Impromtu Break…

HPR on his first day at home!

Hello blog and friends! I’m back! The reason for my swift departure? A THREE WEEK early arrival of our handsome baby boy! He must have been listening when I was coaxing him to hurry up. Hopefully he is that obedient in the future?! Marc and I are adjusting to sleepless nights (and those heavenly ones in between with the night nurse) and bubbling over with joy this holiday season. I now understand that whole “my heart is overflowing” sentiment. It truly is. Little man and I have been sequestered in the house because of freezing temperatures, which has given me time to prep for the holidays (I’ll post our Christmas menu next week… let’s just say we don’t go light on the butter), work on weddings and a few other client projects, cook occasionally (made this soup a few days ago and it was a major hit!), do chores (how much laundry can one little baby generate?!), and write thank you notes for all of the beautiful gifts we have received (still only 1/3 of the way through those- yikes!) Oh, and feed the baby. So much feeding. They should tell you about that part. That and the diapers. What is infinity times infinity? Unfortunately for the blog, all of my free time has been allocated to trying to jump in the shower from time to time, but I am hoping (fingers crossed) that now… I’m back! I apologize for the sudden departure (though if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you probably realized what was going on) and promise to whip up at least one good gift guide this week for you last minute shoppers!

We also updated the “finished” nursery… Check it out! (iPhone pics not Canon- sorry for the bad quality)

photo-27 photo-28 photo-31 photo-30 photo-29 photo-32

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