Bridesmaid Gifts

We are kicking off a big wedding weekend today! BFF + GGE (greatest guy ever) = Fun with a capital F. As I started packing my bags (ok, not really but I thought about doing it) last night for the all-day bride & bridesmaid glam-a-thon on Saturday to get ready for the wedding, I was wishing that my bags looked a little more “wedding”y. I love me some L.L. Bean totes, but mine don’t match my makeup bags which is a TOTAL buzzkill, and they are definitely not the wedding colors. Plus, am I just going to carry my bridesmaid dress up to the Presidential Suite in the plastic bag it came in?! Like some sort of bridesmaid VAGABOND?! I’m having anxiety just thinking about it. Friends and clients always ask me for bridesmaid gift ideas, and I feel like my answers have been on repeat for the last few years, but fear not, inspiration has struck! Here are some ideas for bridesmaid gifts that your maids can use to pack for primping the day of, and will use as a cute, casual travel set for many weekends to come!

3 1 4 21. Cute Tote (Apparently I really can’t break away from the Boat n’ Tote aesthetic- thanks, Mom…)

2. Monogrammed Garment Bag: This is actually where I got my idea for this post. How cute would this be?! Functional and unique!

3. Monogrammed Clutch to match your bridesmaids’ dresses. Because 1) everyone’s always worried about whether or not to bring a purse and 2) how flippin’ cute would a picture of all these clutches, abandoned on the table after dinner for dancing be?! Someone PLEASE do that (even if it’s staged) and send the picture to me.

4. Monogrammed Makeup Bag. I obviously did all of these items in a kelly green and navy palette, and am SO happy I did, because my search brought me to this DARLING patterned bag!

Just picture your besties gliding in to get ready, tote on one arm, matching garment bag on the other. They casually pull out make-up cases that perfectly complement their other bags and then slip their lipsticks into a clutch that matches everything to a T. And this is all in your wedding colors. BE STILL MY HEART!

I might have a problem.

Baby Box!

3What do new moms want? FOOD. And not to have to think about what to eat and how to hunt/gather/cook/clean it up. So many amazing friends brought us dinner via a Mealtrain that one of my best friend’s organized after Press was born, and Marc and I could not have been hungrier or happier every night when a smiling face walked through the door with a delicious dinner. It’s such a great idea because 1) you get fed and 2) you get to see people besides your immediate family and favorite television stars. But then they leave. And then it’s baby blur fest nighttime, and then morning and you’re alone and starving. One of my friends offered to bring us a second dinner after the meal train was over, and I looked at her and straight up said, “You know what? That would be great, but what I really want is BREAKFAST.” She is such a good cook and so creative and brought over an amazing box of breakfast goodies. It was the PERFECT meal gift, and so I mixed it up a bit and have been making these baby boxes for a few months now (especially if there isn’t a Mealtrain to get involved in). Sometimes I miss a new mommy baby box (sorry!) because… 8 month old. And wedding season. But mostly 8 month old. So blame Press. I dare you 🙂 ANYWAY, I digress. I finally got around to photographing one of these baby boxes, and voila! 7 2 1 4 5 8


This box is for a boy, so I picked this turquoise chevron box. To be honest, girl boxes are wayyyy more fun to pick out, but I thought this one was pretty damn cute.
Before I had a baby, I got my friends post-baby gifts like Veuve and US Weekly. Bitch, PLEASE. Ain’t no new mom got time for that! Here is my much improved list (I buy local products as much as possible, so sub in your own brands!)

Box: Paper Source (shoebox size) || Wolfermann Blueberry English Muffins || Bonne Maman Strawberry Jam || Hippie Chow Cafe Blend Granola || Shatto Butter || Chobani Strawberry Banana Yogurt || Simply Orange Juice (because these bottles are just too cute) || Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Coffee (a Radasky fave)

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I love getting creative with all aspects of a wedding, so when one of my clients asked me to make up some fun gifts for her to ask her bridesmaids to be in her wedding, I jumped at the chance to put together these little goodies! We ordered the pink POP and created the cards to match her wedding colors (on the more “pink” end of things, since this project is 100% for the ladies), and added little pearl bracelets from the local Kansas City company, Pearly Girls (check them out!). We packaged them up in cellophane with big puffy pink gauze bows, and voila! IMG_0890 IMG_0887 IMG_0882 IMG_0886 IMG_0885

Fast Fab Five

Ho ho ho! If you are still on the lookout for some fun holiday gifts, here are a few of my faves!

2013 gift guide

HIM: 1// Moore & Giles Bag and iPad Case 2// COIN 3// Kiehls 4// Ice Spheres 5// Loro Piana Scarf

HER: 1// Bling Wipes 2// Kara Ross Earrings 3// Aerin Lauder coffee table book 4// Robyn Brooks Cork “Whitney” Tote 5// Tory Burch Smartphone wristlet

Hostess Gift: Mydrap


My friends/son’s future aunts hosted an amazing baby shower for us on Saturday, with every detail planned to the nines, and beautiful gifts galore! It was so wonderful, the least I could do (besides start planning kick*ss parties for them!) was pick up a few hostess gifts, and I decided to gift them my new go-to: Mydrap cotton cocktail napkins. These are GREAT gifts. They come on a roll, and you tear off the napkins (they have placemats, too) to use them, and then you can either throw them away or throw them in the wash! Seriously useful and cool, and SO MUCH EASIER TO STORE than the stacks of cute Caspari you accumulate over time (tip: store those looseleaf napkins in unused square vases). Mydraps are a classic design, with a minimal white “stitch” border around the edges, and come in a variety of fun colors! Wrap them up in clear cellophane with a big fun bow, or toss them in a giftbag– whatever!

Check them out/stock up here! 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day 2013

1. I know my mom would flip out if we gave her this C.Wonder picnic basket, and then actually WENT on a picnic as a family!

2. How cute are these map necklaces by Three Jane NY? It’s a zoomed in “street view” of your neighborhood, with a little diamond marking where your house is. Double points if your parents still live in your childhood home!

3. Who doesn’t love a fresh orchid? So pretty and so easy to keep alive. From ProFlowers (or your local florist!)

4. Love love love these pj’s from the Marigot Collection (and a KC friend, to boot!).

5. I know, this seems super silly, but I think these new iPod touches are darling, and MUCH easier to use (if your mom is as “tech savvy” as mine, this is a huge selling point!)

6. What mom wouldn’t love a Rablabs frame with a new picture of some of her VIPs? With so many digital photos flying around Facebook and Instagram, old school photographs are now a treasured gift!

7. Tory Burch cosmetic cases! I love the bright colors, and it is ALWAYS fun to spruce up your travel accessories!

8. Graphic Image Tote… monogram it for some extra love!

9. I have an unhealthy obsession with agate, and I think these adorable frames are the perfect gift with a fun pop of color!

10. The greatest little at home spa gift ever… Clarisonic!

Robyn Brooks

I just recovered one of my favorite bracelets last week, my Robyn Brooks cork bangle. It is actually the strangest story ever: It was returned to me by a friend after I had left it in a hotel room last spring… the same hotel room she had happened to stay in last fall when she found it. So random, but freaking awesome. So, bracelet recovered and back with its other friends (I have an RBNY bangle-addiction) I am now thinking how great these would be as gifts for bridesmaids! The designer, Robyn Brooks, is a Kansas City girl, and aside from hearing about her when I made custom stationery for her mom (she’s the cute lady with the floppy straw hat that you can see on my Facebook and website!) and her sisters, I became familiar with her line at market in Atlanta last year. Some of them are a little pricey, but if you only have a handful of maids, then it’s definitely an item to consider! Her earrings are so chic, as well, and she has a collection of handbags that scream “honeymoon!”. I love it ALL!


This would be such a great pattern with grey bridesmaid dresses!RBNY

Love the emerald green!RBNY RBNY RBNY RBNY

I am obsessed with these dangles…RBNY

I’m thinking this necklace would be perf on a honeymoon in the Maldives (well, I’m always thinking about the Maldives. And Ojai.)RBNY

Love love love LOVE this cork necklace!RBNY

How fun is this pink piece for a tropical honeymoon?!RBNYRBNY

Cool rings

Amazing cork purses… I saw someone carrying this tote last week, and I was gawking so much I could have walked into oncoming trafficRBNY RBNY

And don’t forget to check out her sale items! RBNY_SALE

There is much more on her website!


All images from Robyn Brooks