Fast Fab Five

Ho ho ho! If you are still on the lookout for some fun holiday gifts, here are a few of my faves!

2013 gift guide

HIM: 1// Moore & Giles Bag and iPad Case 2// COIN 3// Kiehls 4// Ice Spheres 5// Loro Piana Scarf

HER: 1// Bling Wipes 2// Kara Ross Earrings 3// Aerin Lauder coffee table book 4// Robyn Brooks Cork “Whitney” Tote 5// Tory Burch Smartphone wristlet

Kentucky Derby Party

Well this weekend was full of holidays… if you define “holidays” as opportunities to get a bit snockered (I’ve been watching Bridget Jones’ Diary a lot lately) with your nearest and dearest! We hosted a Kentucky Derby Party with two other couples, and despite the drizzly and dreary weather, it was a total blast! I thought I’d share some of the pics (unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures once the party actually started, but there was some great hat action coming through the door) and some tips for throwing together a little soiree like this! First things first: brand your event with an invitation.KY Derby Invite

We kept these colors and this overall style in mind while decorating for the party. Making up some signage is a super cute and easy way to both communicate important info to guests (i.e. BAR IS HERE) and enhance your party’s decor.mO7CRagrvnyTtlcmoTJq54f-EMJVUHcGVBAcblVBK_k BrXaLUix8tBtRhJYVxJW8Hs68NfJ0awCSdMADVoodRg

Flowers are a necessity but don’t have to break the bank! Our house hostess picked those tulips from her grandmother’s garden, and then picked up the yellow roses at Trader Joes, to add a pop of color to our grey day! Food is an essential part of any party (is that the stupidest sentence that you’ve ever read?), and we chose to stick to a Southern theme while not killing ourselves with complicated dishes. Simplicity is totally key if you are having more than 10-12 people over, and I think our list topped off at around 40. How delicious is that menu? I’m craving that chicken salad on croissant (little crescent shaped sandwiches from heaven) and those Derby Pie bars (pecan pie in a bar= genius) right now. YUM. We themed our cocktails to the event as well, and served mint juleps, iced tea, and Boulevard beer, all topped with paper straws to give the drinks a festive feel. For a fun activity, since it was the Derby, we made up a custom betting board and printed off Daily Racing Form PP’s, so people could place bets and really get into the race once it started. Total success, and we can’t wait to make it an annual party! Peep the rest of the pictures below, and I’m including a special treat at the very end.derbyparty

And one more pic, of our cute hosting hubbys… (this isn’t the treat, ladies, I just like the bowties!)


And now… the recipe for my pimento cheese dip! I had so many people ask me for it, I figured this would be the easiest way to share!


Charleston Pimento Cheese

1 lb. grated sharp cheddar cheese


Dijon Mustard

Pickled Jalepeno (diced)

Worsteshire Sauce

Salt and Pepper (want you to push it, baby!)

2 Red Peppers (ROASTED! peeled, and diced)

Tabasco Sauce

1-2 cups Roughly Chopped Green Olives with Pimentos

I swear, this is the way that I received the recipe.. there are NO amounts, it is all to taste! Mix everything up, and then throw half of it in a food processor, and pulse until it is soft, but not creamy. Fold that mixture back in with the other half, and let it set for at least 3 hours (we let ours set for a day and a half).

Enjoy! Happy Monday!


Surprise, Seduce, and Snuggle

Valentines Lingerie

Obviously all of you brides are keeping those legs crossed until you say “I do”, but for some wedding night and honeymoon inspiration, and for all those newlyweds (or not-so-newly!) out there, I found some great Valentine’s Day pretties at Net-a-Porter. I love this website now that they carry brands that are a little less expensive (J.Crew), and totally swoon over some of the more expensive items (i.e. a $1,900 corset. Is it made by angels? I can’t wait to find out someday.) I actually have the Calvin Klein set (top left) and it is super cute and relatively comfy! Of course my favorite item is the bottom right (sorry, honey) — how amazing and snuggly does that look? YUM! Unfortunately (and fortunately) for Marc, our standing Valentine’s Day dinner date is at a local burger and shake shop called Winsteads, and I usually don’t feel like slipping into my regular lingerie after din.  (This is what I normally look like:)

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 7.08.24 AM

So get shopping my loves, less than a week until St. Valentine’s Day! All sexiness I shopped can be found on this page at Net-A-Porter. And they have a great guide with the “New Rules” to lingerie, as well!


Cozy Christmas Eve

Happy Monday! 1. I am super glad that the Mayans turned out to be full of you-know-what and 2. It’s Christmas Eve! Hooray! I love the feeling of warmth and love that comes from spending time with family. I love the cooking, the wine-sipping (sometimes guzzling), the stories exchanged, the gifts thoughtfully chosen… the whole tradition gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about it. With that in mind, here are some warm and fuzzies that I will be spending time wrapped in/wearing tomorrow evening!

Cozy Christmas Eve

Wrap up in this amazing blanket   //   Wear this this this and these slippers  //   Get warm with Christopher Elbow hot chocolate  in this cute mug   // Tie your hair back with these   //   Drool over the new Style Me Pretty tome   //   And sip champagne    //   With It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas Vacation on in the family room   //   And  some classic Christmas tunes playing through the sound system   //   Before  you change into the next cozy outfit (options below) for Christmas morning!

Festive PJs bringing the "elf look" back in style

Festive PJs bringing the “elf look” back in style. Visions of sugarplums guaranteed.

Another classic snuggle fest

Another classic snuggle fest. Sidenote: who actually looks this good when they wake up? Seriously.

Wrap me up in this

Love the rope to wrap up in on Christmas morning. I hope it comes with that tame mane, too.

And keep my tooties warm with these fun-tabulous slippers

And keep the tootsies warm with these fun-tabulous slippers, to fit right in with the reindeer!

Now all of these generously stretchy outfit can be put to use when I eat my bodyweight in this on Christmas morning:

Christmas_Egg CasseroleSausage CAsserole Recipe

And what Christmas dinner is complete without a signature cocktail? Check out the Cranberry “Sauced” recipe below!

cranberry-cocktail-imageCranberry sauced_Recipe

Emerald City

Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 5.01.37 PM

Here is a happy holiday wedding featuring the 2013 Pantone color of the year, Emerald Green. I decided to pair the color with a festive holiday theme, since tis the season! I love the richness of emerald green. Just adore. And you can add the punchy red accents for a December event, or leave them out and just keep the green! I think candy canes with a cute message tied to them would be perfect favors, and I’m just dying to do a Christmas tree escort card  station with those fab clear ball ornaments full of tinsel and a table number! Merry merry!

Emerald Green Holiday Board

Images/sources via Pinterest. Entire storyboard can be viewed here.



P.S. Dear Santa, you can bring me that big ole beautiful ring and I won’t tell Marc who it’s from… Deal?