The 2013 Emmy Awa–Oh wait, Breaking Bad is on.

The Emmy Awards (aka outlet for distraction during the countdown to Breaking Bad) were on Sunday, and while many are calling the fashion “boring”, I think it was all actually quite “classy”. Call me crazy, but I’m over the nude color plastic bikinis twerking all over the internet lately, ya know? Here are some of the best and worst of the night:

First up: YUCK. Daring? No. Just kinda slutty for slutty’s sake? Yes.  I actually love the color and beading, but I think the bikini bottom and sheer skirt make this look like a Pam Anderson trainwreck kind of dress. Pass.

slide_317266_2938916_free Love the color and overall style here, with her retro hair and makeup. Love the dress, really, but it seems about 4 sizes too big with that dropped waist. slide_317266_2938938_free Amazing. Love it all.slide_317266_2938939_freeSo when I first saw this dress, I thought, ok! Awesome! At least she isn’t wearing what she wore to the Oscars… and it’s kinda cute and hipsterish, I get it. But then I started to hate it. It looks like it was designed by Roxy Quiksilver circa 2000. The best review of her hair that I’ve read came from D-Listed: “That hair looks like it was cut with safety scissors by a pre-schooler with severe ADHD.” Preach.
slide_317266_2938972_free I still don’t know what this chick’s name is, only that it’s a weird one, but I LOVE THIS DRESS! Gorgeous color on her, fits like a glove, great hair and make-up… A+ to you, (insert name here)!slide_317266_2939619_free Looking age appropriate and stylish…slide_317266_2938884_free Redheads can wear so many great colors. This is not one of them.slide_317266_2938887_free I am obsessed with Leslie Mann. For some reason people say that I remind them of her, or her characters from movies. Not sure where that comes from, but moving on… I really like this dress and her messy, sexy style, which definitely stood out from all of the “safe” dresses without being the Pam Anderson bikini sheer dress…It looks a LITTLE dirty, but overall is chic, so kudos to Leslie. slide_317266_2938926_free I like this, and do you know why? Because it is what Carrie Underwood (keep reading) was trying to do, but it is contemporary and not prom-ish. Michelle pulls off the classic awards show “ballgown” in a modern way, and I think it’s cool and really works. slide_317266_2938929_free Love this dress, HATE the straps that make her look like a puffy linebacker. So close, so close.slide_317266_2938969_free So that’s where all of the fabric from the Borgias set went after the show was cancelled… Gag. Even her hair can’t save her from that velvet. slide_317266_2938973_free Best dressed. So age-appropriate, simple, clean, classic and beautiful. Plus her shoes were totally killer (couldn’t find a picture). slide_317266_2939001_freeI love Aubrey Plaza, and I think this dress is so HER that I am into it. It’s different but not offensive, and it communicates her quirkiness. slide_317266_2938670_free Complicated name girl from Girls…. Your face says it all.slide_317266_2938675_free Adorable. I think she totally nailed it. Perfect for her age, fun, and pretty. slide_317266_2938710_freeI don’t know about this picture, but when I was watching the red carpet, this dress looked totally amazing, so I threw it on here. I like the classic Hollywood glam factor, and you can’t tell in this photo, but her hair is pulled back in an awesome, thick, simple ponytail, which kept the whole thing looking fresh.
slide_317266_2938711_free This dress, Amanda, is appropriate to wear during two occasions. ONE: You are the looney toon from Jane Eyre, who Mr. Rochester locks up in Thornfield because you one CRAZY b*tch (and his WIFE, dum-dum-DUM) or TWO: You are the looney toon from any Lifetime movie that probably does at least one of the following: stalks an ex-lover, gazes at a wall mural of pictures of your best friend…. that you’re stalking, talks to a family member that has been dead for ten years and you keep stuffed in your bedroom, or thinks they can communicate with ghosts. slide_317266_2938712_freeTina- nailed it. Great color, cut, and overall style!slide_317266_2938899_freeMalin totally slays it with this amazing dress.
slide_317266_2938917_free Like WHO ON EARTH TOLD YOU THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Color- barf. Black belt with that color- barf. That necklace with that color- barf. That hair with that color- barf. It just looks so 80’s and dead to me, I can’t even look at it anymore. slide_317266_2938918_freeL-o-v-e how this dress flatters her figure! A+.
slide_317266_2938940_free January Jones, starring as the looney toon from Jane Eyre… Just kidding. She seems like a total psycho, but her dress is beautiful. slide_317266_2938968_free Ok, so this girl won an Emmy, and I’ve seen her on Nurse Jackie. She’s good. She’s great. She’s spunky and quirky, and you can tell that from her body language in this photo. Now ignore that, and focus on how well she dresses her body. She looks so chic, and is accessorized well to boot. If she was posed like a pro, she would look like a million bucks. Take a hint, Lena Dunham. slide_317266_2938998_free LOVE. THIS. Also, she’s in Breaking Bad, so she’s automatically awesome.slide_317266_2938797_free So beautiful, Zooey! Great color!slide_317266_2938809_free Are you freaking kidding me? If I look 1/8 this good when I’m her age, I will consider my life a total win.slide_317266_2938848_free Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Again- Lena, take note.slide_317266_2938897_free I think this dress is amazing, and I love how she styled it. It’s very contemporary yet still appropriate for this event. Well done. slide_317266_2938928_free


That wraps it up, folks! What did you think about the fashion?!

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Did I say the other day that I “finally have my personal and professional life back in order”? HA! I am so funny sometimes. While SAP Designs is running smoothly, our move has been dragging out for a little too long, and I’m about to lose my brains. So excuse the light posting this week– I am hoping this weekend we will finally get settled and I’ll have a place to rest my weary head and laptop. Until then, here is the winner of my birthday card collection from yesterday (28 years, whoop whoop!). Marc came in a close second with one super sweet card, a hilarious one from Hamilton, and an adorable one from Baby R, but my parents’ card took the cake, so to speak. Happy weekend!


I’m in the process of giving this blog some nip-tuck action, and it is proving much more difficult and time consuming than I anticipated! Please bear with me while I try to sort through all of this! *flash to me sweating and banging my keyboard while blasting “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” on repeat* I promise the result will be fantabulous! Xs

Telluride Wedding: Lacey + Kevin


At last! Telluride! This wedding was so much fun to work on, and the bride and her family were a dream to work with. We started the process about a year ago, and through many meetings, emails, proofs and processes, it finally all came together on June 8 in Telluride, Colorado. Above is a picture of our entire process… from the initial sketches to the menus and programs!


Our basic storyboard, with the colors, fonts, themes, etc. All of these elements appeared on wedding items, from the save the dates, to the stamps, to the gift bag items, and cocktail napkins…and much more! 


The Save the Dates were tied with lace and burlap, and slipped into custom lined envelopes, with custom printed stamps! Owen_Mailings

Some other mailings that went out to the guests, including a postcard for local guests, an itinerary for out-of-town guests (I always like to send out a packing list ahead of time), and the welcome party invitation.


The view from the airport… Telluride, here we come! I arrived a few days before the wedding to assemble all of the gift bags that I had been designing for months(!), and wrap up any final paper & decor details. The local wedding planner, who also worked on Lauren Bush and David Lauren’s wedding last year, had everything else taken care of! Check out our gift bag assembly line pics below…IMG_0356IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0362 IMG_0363IMG_0367

The Maid of Honor’s boyfriend was my #1 helper, and his talents in box-assembly surpassed all of my expectations! Seriously though, what a guy! 
IMG_0379 IMG_0380 IMG_0389 IMG_0390

Sometimes you need a break. Sans alcohol for me, please! 
IMG_0391 IMG_0394 IMG_0395IMG_0401

Bags are almost ready to be delivered! IMG_0405


Signage for the Friday night “Welcome to Telluride” party. It was a casual bluegrass, bourbon, and BBQ party at an amazing venue called Goronno Ranch. IMG_0417

The bourbon tasting bar was a HIT. Loved the simple wildflower centerpieces and aspen vases, too! IMG_0419

And finally… the wedding day! 
IMG_0431 IMG_0432

The pre-ceremony refreshments were beautifully displayed, and we had all of the selections calligraphed in the same style as the wedding invitations, other signage and the menus (pictures coming up!)IMG_0432 IMG_0433 IMG_0437

Absolutely amazing ceremony site!IMG_0439

The Mother of the Bride had her gown custom made, and it. was. to. die. for.


The Bride. I know. Completely gorg. Her whole look was so elegant, I almost passed out (not from the altitude).IMG_0446 IMG_0447

There are no words for how completely amaze-balls her veil was. And as she was walking toward the ceremony site, there was a light breeze that was filling it with air, and it danced in the wind… It was like a Disney movie, y’all.


Guest book station (and a better picture of the calligraphy)IMG_0465 IMG_0466

The outdoor “garden” area was so perfect for the cocktail hour. GAH! IMG_0467 IMG_0468

We picked out the ginger jar theme early on, to add a unique element to the chic, outdoor space. It was a great way to bring some color into the natural palettes as well. IMG_0469

Signature cocktail and custom stir sticksIMG_0471

Escort Card Station
IMG_0475 IMG_0477

Another view of the guest book table… We provided these fun questions so guests could leave a fun message along with their best wishes! We had paper cut in the shapes of the aspen leaf and a KU Jayhawk (the couple’s alma mater) for guests to write on, but it was a little windy that day, so books were the best option for leaving the notes! IMG_0478

The tent and tables were bonkers beautiful. The soft, natural colors were punched up with the wedding colors, and all of the florals and details dialed it up from “shabby chic” to “mountain elegant”.IMG_0483 IMG_0485 IMG_0487 IMG_0488IMG_0490

The end-of-night favors were keepsake wood boxes with a Telluride truffle nestled inside! Love the way they were displayed! IMG_0492 IMG_0494

The bride and groom arriving at the reception. Yes, this is real life. IMG_0495

One more shot of that amazing view…IMG_0501

The next day, I’m sure many of the guests hung these outside their door…IMG_0505

Some giftbag close-ups!IMG_0505

We put in some great items like hats and pashminas, mints and trailmix, and then added some items especially for the altitude like lotion, chapstick, and altitude sickness powder. I love keeping everything in brand with the overall wedding design–even the matchbooks! IMG_0507Owen_JustMarried

So. much. fun. and such an amazing destination! I’ll post the official wedding pics (at least of the paper and decor details from SAP Designs) as soon as I can.. but until then, I hope my iPhone pics did the trick!