Bridesmaid Gifts

We are kicking off a big wedding weekend today! BFF + GGE (greatest guy ever) = Fun with a capital F. As I started packing my bags (ok, not really but I thought about doing it) last night for the all-day bride & bridesmaid glam-a-thon on Saturday to get ready for the wedding, I was wishing that my bags looked a little more “wedding”y. I love me some L.L. Bean totes, but mine don’t match my makeup bags which is a TOTAL buzzkill, and they are definitely not the wedding colors. Plus, am I just going to carry my bridesmaid dress up to the Presidential Suite in the plastic bag it came in?! Like some sort of bridesmaid VAGABOND?! I’m having anxiety just thinking about it. Friends and clients always ask me for bridesmaid gift ideas, and I feel like my answers have been on repeat for the last few years, but fear not, inspiration has struck! Here are some ideas for bridesmaid gifts that your maids can use to pack for primping the day of, and will use as a cute, casual travel set for many weekends to come!

3 1 4 21. Cute Tote (Apparently I really can’t break away from the Boat n’ Tote aesthetic- thanks, Mom…)

2. Monogrammed Garment Bag: This is actually where I got my idea for this post. How cute would this be?! Functional and unique!

3. Monogrammed Clutch to match your bridesmaids’ dresses. Because 1) everyone’s always worried about whether or not to bring a purse and 2) how flippin’ cute would a picture of all these clutches, abandoned on the table after dinner for dancing be?! Someone PLEASE do that (even if it’s staged) and send the picture to me.

4. Monogrammed Makeup Bag. I obviously did all of these items in a kelly green and navy palette, and am SO happy I did, because my search brought me to this DARLING patterned bag!

Just picture your besties gliding in to get ready, tote on one arm, matching garment bag on the other. They casually pull out make-up cases that perfectly complement their other bags and then slip their lipsticks into a clutch that matches everything to a T. And this is all in your wedding colors. BE STILL MY HEART!

I might have a problem.

Springtime Shower

088A few weeks ago (months? what day is it?) my favorite people in the world and I hosted a bridal shower for one of our best friends. We played with her wedding colors, dialed up the “girly” for this personal shower, and really let the hot pink, gold, chevron and floral patterns run wild. Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions served up some DE-lish light bites, and the signature cocktails were flowing. A friend (and local party/style guru) and I made sure everything from the invitations to the signage to the guest towels was branded with flair. I arranged the simple florals, and she created that FAB floral wreath of the couple’s wedding monogram. A fun trivia game focusing on the bride and her move from Kansas to Texas kicked off the unwrapping of the gifts, and cookies with the same design as the invitations sent guests out the door (hopefully wanting more!)038044053054055056061073080085091093101103107114116124088

3 in 1

Welp, looks like I am a little bit behind again! We had a good friend’s wedding in Palmetto Bluff two weekends ago, which was a blast, but definitely threw me off of my schedule, so I have been working 110% on clients’ projects with no free time for other creativity. The blog and a couple of blank canvases have been calling my name…but in my free time, Press seems to drown them out! So! As I am literally running with one Manolo on out the door to a ladies’ luncheon (something I literally NEVER thought I would do… like ever) I thought I would just do a quick post of three things I have been doing/thinking about/loving! How nice is it to be able to do what you are thinking about and love it?! Sometimes I really need to remember how wonderful life is!

I’ve been designing, creating and addressing some fabulous Save the Dates….

svdChowing DOWN on this Avocado Cilantro salad dressing from Skinnytaste. We added a second avocado and made it a dip last night. Which I also ate for breakfast.

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.39.39 PM


I’ve been drooling over… these dresses from Bridal Week:

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.38.29 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.38.38 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.37.03 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.37.17 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.37.27 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.37.38 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.37.52 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.36.53 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.36.43 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.36.31 PM Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.36.09 PM

(For some reason my links aren’t working… I’ll try to add them in this afternoon!!)





This Dress…

1112_ZwebenI saw this picture on Instagram a few weeks ago and my mouth hit the ground so hard that I just about fell out of my chair. I immediately stalked it, and of course, it’s a Vera, the most classic and quintessentially (spelled that right on the first try! Whoop! Gonna be a good day!) “wedding” dress designer. I love me some Monique and Carolina, but there’s just something about Vera. This dress is amazing in its silhouette and fit, but I think what really gets me is that light as air lace. Dying. 0177_Zweben0260_Zweben0598_ZwebenAnd how about that MOB dress? Serious style in this family!

Images via Vera Unveiled // Brian Dorsey Photography

Jackson Hole Wedding by Carrie Patterson

OH. to the EM. to the GEE. Is that little nip in the air getting you crazy excited for spiced cider, pumpkins, and all other things holiday that are fast approaching? I’m raising my hand and bouncing up and down. YES! Well then, feast your eyes on this amazing Jackson Hole wedding, which is sure to further perk you up for fur, cranberry colored anything, and cozying up in front of a roaring fire. The Four Seasons created a beautiful venue (duh) for these amazing nuptials, and everything from the bride’s green velvet Gucci heels to the family crest emblazoned on the programs is perfection. elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-17-27520012_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-22-27510005_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-26-27540004_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-20-27510002_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-34-27550005_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-58-27570016_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-1199_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-72-27660007_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-73-27660012_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-41-27640007_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-59-27560002_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-62-27560015_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-78-0297_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-65-27650001_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-54-27500012_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-24-27530014_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-55-27570006_vert elizabeth-patrick-rw0713-21-27510004_vert

via MSW

The Perfect Backyard Wedding by onelove photography

I came across this beauty on SMP last week, and couldn’t get it out of my head all day. It is casual for sure, I mean, it’s a backyard wedding (Father of the Bride anyone?) but the details make it so simply beautiful that it effortlessly transitions from casual to elegant. This is a perfect example, to me, of what “branding” a wedding can do for its overall effect. Every little detail contributes to the overall aesthetic, and that is what takes a wedding to that next level and makes it ultra memorable and awesome. For me, it’s akin to having a song stuck in your head all day. Also, that Claire Pettibone dress. Like whoa. So…welcome to my brain on weddings. 81cb82f59e53e18396bc2bf5131b3a95 bcc017be331486fde31b2166f358e68a c7a7003a766dfd847e95eb2f7589c483 c266e34687a13f7bde7ebdf395819741 6cef511593414d551b43e16b2ac61f6e 9a961a4b95a22c5cd7563cea7e107462-1f71821218e6e4eccca1e072adb234ffc 2ec8f03ee205cb9a1c80980a3ae71c01 9cc447ee8639e25d4e6339ae9098ce08 5845ed71f0885f3c08f2a19814c978a5 a939264167aa19354dd8817ba5691b2f f82c4bf0707687c32b4181535cec1096 71ca30377722d18b0889b69c798515a3 1858026fd4a73e120d36384d2833f1bd

Images via SMP

Style Me Pretty Feature


Yippee! This wedding was so fun to work on– from designing the overall “brand” with the colors, design elements and monogram, to picking out the stir sticks and frames to give  the reception those extra special touches, everything just came together wonderfully! Plus I obviously had blast designing that paper suite, sketching out the florals for Botanica to bring to life, and did I mention the LUCITE menus that we had calligraphed and the custom table toppers with that fab coral lattice? I want to do it all again! Check out this fun, fresh, Florida wedding on Style Me Pretty! Have a great weekend! -Xs