Emmy Fashion 2014

The Emmys had a serious case of the Mondays this year. If you couldn’t tell from the multiple jokes laid on thhhhick by Seth Meyers in his intro monologue– they actually took place on a Monday, which is weird– and if celebrities are anything like me (and obviously if they like to double down on Ched ‘R’ Peppers and Mozzarella Sticks at Sonic, they ARE), getting dressed up to go to an event on a Monday nights sounds pretty terrible. So, I wasn’t super impressed by the fashion, save for a couple of major WOW moments, and thought it was pretty sloppy overall, but I get it. Mondays are for yoga pants, not ballgowns. Here are some of the ladies that nailed it.

Best1Julia Roberts looked so sassy in this short dress. I love the texture, shape, and the shoes and casual hair were styled wonderfully. I think this look is so “her” but fancy-version… love it. Sofia usually bugs me with the constant jewel tone mermaid gowns, but this one is different. I love the structure and overall styling, with the glam-yet-soft hair, and geometric earrings that complement the light detail on the dress. The look is much more contemporary than she usually goes, and it def works.  Best2How freaking darling does Kiernan Shipka look? I swear her stylist is a genuis, because every awards show, she looks fashionable but age appropriate, which must be SO hard to do with teenage girls. I love the length of this dress, and the drop waist detailing adds a “high fashion” touch. Hair and shoes- perfection. And Sarah Hyland was one of my FAVORITE of the night. Seriously, this is what I want to look like all of the time. It’s a modern spin on Gwyneth’s pink Oscar dress—so classic, but with a young, fun twist that totally hits the mark. Love the colors, love the hair, love everything. I can’t stop looking at it.  Best3Debra Messing and Camila Alves rocked these classic silhouettes with cut-out patterns. Seriously, rocked. Not really sure what Matthew McConaughey is wearing but I loved his and Woody’s presentation speech so I’ll let this slide. Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about him winning the BET for Best Male Artist of the year was also REALLY funny… So even though the fashion was kinda ehhh, at least the jokes were good. Best4Gwen Stefani looked amaze in this Versace number. It was so chic and glam and cool… as I imagine her to be. And Julia Louise Dreyfus… I can’t even. She looks like a million bucks.

bestThese two were my faves of the night… and Sarah Hyland, but Lizzy Caplan’s train was too long for me to show all three of them together. Loved Allison William’s modern gown. I thought it was the perfect balance between elegant and quirky, Carrie Bradshaw but without any overly obnoxious touches. Girlfriend might need to join me at Sonic for some mozz sticks, but other than that, she looks great. Lizzy Capan freaking KILLED IT. I love her (Party Down, anyone?) but her style has always seemed a bit… not this. This is so sleek and glam, fits her well, and is styled to perfection. A+. And then… there’s this… Worst2Katherine Heigl. Blanche Devereaux called, and she wants her gown back. And Amanda Peet. WTF is wrong with your hair. Nay, WTF is wrong with whoever let you leave the house like that?! I didn’t love the dress either… I couldn’t even tell she was pregnant from the front and thought she just picked the most unflattering dress EVER… It’s cuter from this angle, and by cuter I mean “less frumpy like a couch, more frumpy like a window treatment”…in a dorm room. In the 70’s. Vom. Worst1Dear Lena Dunham. We get it. You are not to be defined. You are not to be put in a box. You do you, girl. But, can I just ask, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! This wouldn’t look good on ANYONE. Freaking Gisele couldn’t pull off the ombre tiered tulle skirt with the poofy cap sleeve button down. I just really hope she was never photographed next to Sarah Hyland, because I think they might have been going for the same look, and one totally worked and the other is this. Also. The hair. And the makeup. And in the other corner, we have Mayim Bialik, who decided to do her best sister-wife drapery jewel tone Renaissance Festival impression. The fact that she doesn’t have a man in a puffy white shirt and a feathered cap playing the lyre next to her is really throwing me off.  Worst3After those last two, these almost seem like they should be bumped up to BEST dressed, but I just wasn’t loving Anna Gunn’s look. Very seventies, but overdone, between the hair and the color palette… I could have done with one or the other but all together it is just a little off. Laura Prepon. Is that flappy thing a collar?  There’s just a lot going on here. Worst4Last but not least, Kerry Washington’s weird Halloween dress… A little too sparkly, a little too much black-sequin shorts coming out of the slit. Also, the hair. (I know, I know, it was a MONDAY). And I really didn’t like Taylor’s dress. I think nude is over, it didn’t fit that well, and it makes her look dead. If you want to know what I really think.

What did you think about the fashion this year!?